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Boutique Hotel, Mixed-Use Redevelopment Sought for Allison Hall Complex and Lodging Area

The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA) finished 2016 by issuing two Requests for Offers to Purchase (RFOTP) that will further redevelopment within the Oceanport section of the Fort.

FMERA issued an RFOTP on December 29 for the Allison Hall Complex, a 12.6-acre parcel of land containing five buildings, which total approximately 88,129 square feet on Barton and Signal Avenues in the Main Post Area. At the same time, the Authority issued an RFOTP for the Lodging Area, a 15-acre parcel slated for residential, institutional, or mixed-use waterfront redevelopment.

Allison Hall

Historic Allison Hall in Oceanport, envisioned as a boutique hotel

With respect to the Allison Hall Complex, FMERA is seeking proposals for Allison Hall, the largest of the buildings, that would redevelop the 36,665-square-foot building as a boutique hotel. Proposals are also sought for the remainder of the parcel to be redeveloped as retail, office/research, and open space. The RFOTP suggests that one possible option is to incorporate Allison Hall into a combined project along the Parker’s Creek waterfront that includes both the Allison Hall parcel and the adjacent Lodging Area with a boutique hotel constructed in an alternate location.

Officer Family Housing (2)

The approximately 15 acre Lodging Area parcel provides an unobstructed view of adjacent Parker’s Creek

The Lodging Area consists of eight buildings, two of which were used by FEMA in 2013 and 2014 to house families displaced by Superstorm Sandy and two of which were identified as historic properties. FMERA is marketing the Lodging Area for residential, institutional, or  related uses.

“The Fort Monmouth Reuse and Redevelopment Plan envisioned that the boutique hotel would go on the Lodging Area parcel, but we think the potential for that scenario on the Allison Hall parcel increases the creative options for the preservation of this historic building,” FMERA Deputy Director David Nuse said.

Nuse indicated that FMERA is giving extra weight to parties that respond to both RFOTPs.

A portion of the property is located within the Fort Monmouth National Register Historic District. Allison Hall is subject to historic preservation restrictions.

Responses to both the Allison Hall Complex and the Lodging Area RFOTPs are due by noon on March 31.